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PCTEL SEEGULL LX 06034-U NO PWR Many Options! 1900/800/1900/800, IS-95 IS-20000

Chance and Louis with Northwest Remarketing Have for Sale:

PCTEL SEEGULL LX 06034-U used in good, working condition for US $1,995.00 with a 90 Day Hardware Warranty!

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Manufacturer : PCtel
Description : PCTEL SEEGULL LX. 06034-U NO PWR.
The SeeGull LX receivers are used globally to optimize wireless network performance via drive test and measurement, perform tower site surveys, provide base station monitoring, demodulate RF signals and analyze wireless market data.

The SeeGull LX receiver is capable of supporting multiple protocols and frequency ranges as listed below. The differences between the various LX models concern the operating frequency range, bandwidth, modulation type, and measurement features.
The SeeGull LX receiver is a software- defined receiver, providing our customers with numerous advantages from the receivers flexibility and upgradeability.

For any questions you may have about this equipment, please call Chance or Louis at 503-391-8191 M-F 9-5 PST, or feel free to email NWRSURPLUS@NWRUSA.COM.

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Louis & Chance
Northwest Remarketing Inc
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Salem, OR 97301

PCTEL SEEGULL LX 06034-U for sale at Northwest Remarketing.


Spirent Smartbits SMB6000C XFP-3730A 10GXFP LAN-3324A Bundle /kurt@nwrusa.com

Northwest Remarketing and Kurt Paulus  has For Sale:

 Spirent Smartbits SMB6000C XFP-3730A 10G XFP LAN-3324A Smartmetrics for US $18995.00 with a 90 Day Warranty.

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If you have any questions about this equipment please feel free to call me @ 503.391.8191 x 114 . I am available to answer your questions 8-5 PST.

Free Shiping If You Elect To Buy It Now!

Items ship same day on credit card transactions (contingent upon credit card address).

This unit is tested working in great shape and comes to you with a 90 day hardware warranty. This posting includes the following:

1 x Spirent Smartbits SMB-6000C - 12 Slot Performance Analysis System

1 x Spirent XFP-3730A - SmartMetrics 10 Gigabit Ethernet XFP MSA Module

1 x Spirent Smartbits LAN-3324A - 10/100/1000 Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet Fiber, 4-port, SmartMetrics XD module

SmartBits 6000C (SMB-6000C) chassis is the industry’s highest-port-density network performance analysis test system. Each chassis can support up to 12 slots of a wide variety of test modules to suit port density and technology needs. SmartBits 6000Cs can be interconnected to achieve ultra high-port density, enabling users to perform auto-mated large scale testing in Quality Control and high-volume production environments. Up to 8 chassis can be synchronously connected together using a simple cable; this can be extended up to 512 chassis using SmartBits multi-chassis extension units. The SMB-6000C is easily controlled by a host computer through a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection and uses a Windows®, Linux, or Solaris-based interface.

* Can be daisy-chained together to achieve large scale testing
* Holds up to twelve modules
* Supports up to 96 10/100 Ethernet ports, 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 6 10GbE ports, 24 POS ports, 24 Fibre Channel ports, or a combination of these port types
* Bundled with three PC-based software applications for comprehensive stress testing
* performance tests defined in RFC 1242 and RFC 2544. Supports a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet or Telnet connection to the host PC
* Provides GPS (Global Positioning System), NTP (Network Timing Protocol), and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) TIA/EIA–95B, external timing reference support
* Supports multi-user operation

The Spirent SmartBits XFP-3730A is SmartMetrics™ and TeraMetrics™ 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) XFP-MSA-based test modules used to measure the performance and test the interoperability of networking devices. TeraMetrics modules feature a dedicated Pentium™ processor that provides integrated and highly scalable control and date plane performance testing. TeraMetrics enables you to test applications from Layer 2 to 7. SmartMetrics provides a complete suite of Layer 2 and Layer 3 test capabilities at a lower cost per port than the TeraMetrics version. Each module complies with the IEEE 802.3ae standard specification.

The Spirent SmartBits LAN-3324A TeraMetrics XD modules offer Dual Media Ethernet connections on every test port. The user can select a 10/100/1000 Mbps connection or a Gigabit Ethernet Fiber connection on each port. Each XD module can simulate the millions of clients and servers necessary to fully stress test a device or network. The SmartBits test system can scale from 2 ports up to 768 test ports. Requires SFP Transceiver for Gigabit Ethernet Fiber testing, order ACC-6025A for Multimode (850 nm) or ACC-6026A for Singlemode (1310 nm).

For more information, please click here.

NOTE: No software of any kind (external or internal) is provided with the Hardware. Please contact Spirent to obtain software license rights and maintenance support.


Kurt Paulus

NW Remarketing

503-391-8191 x114

503-881-3578 Direct


AOLIM: kurtnwr



Spirent Smartbits SMB6000C XFP-3730A 10GXFP LAN-3324A Bundle for Sale at Northwest Remarketing.