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Juniper TX Matrix Multichassis Core Router (for T640 Routers)

Recent Juniper MX480PREMIUM3-AC arrivals

Greetings!  We recently brought in some high end Juniper 100G routing equipment, specifically:


4x MX480PREMIUM3-AC – Dual RE-S-1800×4-32G, Dual SCBE2-MX, 4x 2520W AC power, (enhanced backplane) $16,900.00ea


3x Juniper MX-MPC3E-3D-NG – $6,700.00ea


14x Juniper MX-MPC3E-3D – $5,900.00ea


5x Juniper MPC4E-3D-2CGE-8XGE – $11,000.00ea


6x Juniper MIC-3D-20GE-SFP – $245.00ea


This equipment has been tested working and can ship asap. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you are doing well in this strange time we are all going through. I live 40 min South of Portland Oregon. If any of you can figure that one out I would love to hear about your conclusions. I am at a loss!  Stay healthy and safe.



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Juniper MX480PREMIUM2-AC in stock

We just received one Juniper MX480 router. Juniper MX480-PREMIUM2-AC – Base system with redundant RE-S-1800x-16G, MX960-SCBE, and 4x 2520w AC power (I can supply DC power at the same price!) . It arrives tested working with a 1 year warranty. Let me know if you have a custom configuration in mind!s-l1600 (4)

Kurt Paulus

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New Nexus Cisco N9K-C93128TX Leaf Switch 96p 1/10G-T 8p 40G

This unit arrives with one year warranty new in original open box. You don’t have to worry about power cords or rack mounts, this unit is ready to install.   At our price of $11,500.00 you save $56% off original list price!

Cisco Nexus N9K-C93128TX – 96 x 1/10GBASE-T and up to 8 x 40-Gbps QSFP+ ports

MSRP: $26,000.00

The Cisco Nexus 93128TX Switch is a 3RU switch that supports up to 2.56 Tbps of bandwidth and over 750 mpps across 96 fixed 1/10GBASE-T ports and an uplink module that can support up to 8 fixed 40-Gbps QSFP+ ports.

All the Cisco Nexus 9300 platform switches use dual- core 2.5-GHz x86 CPUs with 64-GB solid-state disk (SSD) drives and 16 GB of memory for enhanced network performance.

With the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series, organizations can quickly and easily upgrade existing data centers to carry 40 Gigabit Ethernet to the aggregation layer or to the spine (in a leaf-and-spine configuration) through advanced and cost-effective optics that enable the use of existing 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber (a pair of multimode fiber strands).

Cisco provides two modes of operation for the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series. Organizations can use Cisco® NX-OS Software to deploy the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series in standard Cisco Nexus switch environments. Organizations also can use a hardware infrastructure that is ready to support Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) to take full advantage of an automated, policy-based, systems management approach.

Juniper-Dell EX8216-REDUND-AC-TAA Redundant System

This unit is in great shape and arrives with a one year warranty. I will ship on our Fed Ex Ground account if you purchase at our $3,995.00 price.

1x Juniper/Dell EX8216-REDUND-AC, PowerConnect J-EX8216-REDUND-AC-TAA Redundant AC-powered EX8216 system configuration: 16-slot chassis with passive midplane and 2x fan trays, 2x routing engines, 8x switch fabric modules, 6x 3,000 W AC PSUs with power cords, and all necessary blank panels. This model option complies with the United States Trade Agreements Act (TAA).

MSRP: $79,800.00

The 16-slot Juniper Networks® EX8216 Ethernet Switch, part of the Juniper Networks
EX8200 line of Ethernet Switches, offers a high-density, high-performance platform
for aggregating access switches deployed in data center top-of-rack or end-of-row
applications, as well as for supporting Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet server
access in data center end-of-row deployments. The EX8216 delivers approximately
1.9 billion packets per second (Bpps) of high-density, wire-speed 10-Gigabit Ethernet
performance for the largest data center networks.

To maximize network investments, the EX8216 leverages the same EX8200 wire-speed
line cards and power supplies used by the eight-slot Juniper Networks EX8208 Ethernet
Switch, ensuring consistent performance across the entire product family. Working with
the EX8208, as well as Juniper Networks EX2200, EX3200, EX3300, EX4200, EX4500
and EX6200 lines of Ethernet switches, which all run the same Juniper Networks Junos®
operating system, the EX8216 helps reduce capital and operational expenses across the
data center infrastructure.


I look forward to working with you.


Kurt Paulus

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Kurt Paulus

NW Remarketing Inc

503.391.8191 x114

503.881.3578 Direct


AOLIM- kurtnwr

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NEW Juniper CFP-100GBASE-ER4 IPUIBSRMAA CFP-100G-ER4 2yr Warranty Free Shipping

These units are in fantastic condition, they are new in original boxes. According to the labels on the packaging these units are made by Fujitsu (pn FIM37200/222) for Juniper. It also appears as if this unit is the exact same spec as the Brocade 100G-CFP-ER4-40KM. If you purchase this unit for your Fujitsu or Brocade appliance and we find they are non compatible you are welcome to return the equiment for a full refund. These units ship with 2 year warranty and free Fed Ex Overnight shipping anywhere in the world! This equipment is in stock and can ship today! You are considering the following:
1x Juniper/Fujitsu CFP-100GBASE-ER4, FIM37200/222, Duplex LC connector (RX and TX) CFP, 100GE-ER4 + OTN, 1310nm SMF 40km Junos OS Release 12.3 and later


PN: 740-045420

MSRP: $225,000.00

Priced at: $9,995.00ea


Juniper 100GBASE-ER4 Optical Interface Specifications

Parameter 100GBASE-ER4
Optical interface Single-mode
Standard IEEE 802.3ba-2010
Maximum distance SMF cable, 24.9 miles (40 km)
Transmitter wavelength per lane 1294.53 through 1296.59 nm1299.02 through 1301.09 nm

1303.54 through 1305.63 nm

1308.09 through 1310.19 nm

Average launch power per lane –2.9 through 2.9 dBm per lane
Average receive power per lane –20.9 through 4.5 dBm
Receiver saturation per lane 4.5 dBm
Receiver sensitivity per lane –20.9 dBm

Cisco Nexus N7K-C7010 2x N7K-M132XP-12L AC 1yr Warranty FreeShip 192 10G Ports

This unit is in fantastic shape and ships to you with one year warranty. I’ll ship this equipment on our account if you purchase at full price.  We are looking for $6,995 for the following bundle:

Cisco Nexus N7K-C7010 – 7010 10 Slot Chassis, AC Power Supply, No power cables Included

PN: 800-29374-01

MSRP: $20,000.00 ea


2x Cisco Nexus N7K-SUP1 – Nexus 7000 Series Supervisor Module, External 8GB Flash. with 2GB extention


MSRP: $25,000.00ea

4x Cisco N7K-M132XP-12L – Nexus 7000 32 Port 10GbE with XL Option, 80G Fabric (req.)


PN: 68-4789-01

MSRP: $80,500.00

2x Cisco N7K-M132XP-12 – NEXUS M1-Series 32-Port 10Gb Ethernet Module with 80Gbps Fabric (requires SFP+)HECI: COUIAWGCABPN 68-2821-11 / 73-10899-10

MSRP: $80,500.00

2x Cisco N7K-M148GT-11 – Nexus 7000 48 Port 10/100/1000 RJ-45 Ethernet Module


PN: 73-10098-12

MSRP: $15,000.00


switch# show inv
NAME: “Chassis”,  DESCR: “Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis “
PID: N7K-C7010           ,  VID: V01 ,  SN: TBM13164419
NAME: “Slot 1″,  DESCR: “10 Gbps Ethernet XL Module”
PID: N7K-M132XP-12L      ,  VID: V04 ,  SN: JAF1717ALLL
NAME: “Slot 2″,  DESCR: “10 Gbps Ethernet XL Module”
PID: N7K-M132XP-12L      ,  VID: V04 ,  SN: JAF1717ALNK
NAME: “Slot 3″,  DESCR: “10 Gbps Ethernet XL Module”
PID: N7K-M132XP-12L      ,  VID: V04 ,  SN: JAF1717ALPN
NAME: “Slot 4″,  DESCR: “10 Gbps Ethernet XL Module”
PID: N7K-M132XP-12L      ,  VID: V04 ,  SN: JAF1732BEAE
NAME: “Slot 5″,  DESCR: “Supervisor module-1X”
PID: N7K-SUP1            ,  VID: V05 ,  SN: JAF1239AGRN
NAME: “Slot 6″,  DESCR: “Supervisor module-1X”
PID: N7K-SUP1            ,  VID: V05 ,  SN: JAF1308AKKS
NAME: “Slot 7″,  DESCR: “10 Gbps Ethernet Module”
PID: N7K-M132XP-12       ,  VID: V06 ,  SN: JAF1319ABQT
NAME: “Slot 8″,  DESCR: “10 Gbps Ethernet Module”
PID: N7K-M132XP-12       ,  VID: V06 ,  SN: JAF1319ABPN
NAME: “Slot 9″,  DESCR: “10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Module”
PID: N7K-M148GT-11       ,  VID: V07 ,  SN: JAF1321BFFS
NAME: “Slot 10″,  DESCR: “10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Module”
PID: N7K-M148GT-11       ,  VID: V05 ,  SN: JAF1306AAFM
NAME: “Slot 11″,  DESCR: “Fabric card module”
PID: N7K-C7010-FAB-1     ,  VID: V02 ,  SN: JAF1251BFDP
NAME: “Slot 12″,  DESCR: “Fabric card module”
PID: N7K-C7010-FAB-1     ,  VID: V02 ,  SN: JAF1319ADNM
NAME: “Slot 13″,  DESCR: “Fabric card module”
PID: N7K-C7010-FAB-1     ,  VID: V02 ,  SN: JAF1319ADRN
NAME: “Slot 33″,  DESCR: “Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis Power Supply”
PID: N7K-AC-6.0KW        ,  VID: V01 ,  SN: DTM131801XY
NAME: “Slot 34″,  DESCR: “Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis Power Supply”
PID: N7K-AC-6.0KW        ,  VID: V01 ,  SN: DTM1318020E
NAME: “Slot 35″,  DESCR: “Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis Power Supply”
PID: N7K-AC-6.0KW        ,  VID: V01 ,  SN: DTM131701A0
NAME: “Slot 36″,  DESCR: “Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis Fan Module”
PID: N7K-C7010-FAN-S     ,  VID: V01 ,  SN: FOX1315XAAB
NAME: “Slot 37″,  DESCR: “Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis Fan Module”
PID: N7K-C7010-FAN-S     ,  VID: V01 ,  SN: FOX1315XA6F
NAME: “Slot 38″,  DESCR: “Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis Fan Module”
PID: N7K-C7010-FAN-F     ,  VID: V02 ,  SN: FOX1316XA2E
NAME: “Slot 39″,  DESCR: “Nexus7000 C7010 (10 Slot) Chassis Fan Module”
PID: N7K-C7010-FAN-F     ,  VID: V02 ,  SN: FOX1316XA4P
switch# show lic
SERVER this_host ANY
VENDOR cisco
INCREMENT LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG cisco 1.0 permanent uncounted \
        HOSTID=VDH=TBM13164419 \
        <PAK></PAK>” SIGN=F3DC59344FF0
switch# show lic usa
Feature                      Ins  Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments
ENHANCED_LAYER2_PKG           No    -   Unused             -
SCALABLE_SERVICES_PKG         No    -   Unused             -
TRANSPORT_SERVICES_PKG        No    -   Unused             -
LAN_ADVANCED_SERVICES_PKG     No    -   Unused             -
LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG   Yes   –   Unused Never       -
switch# show diag res module all
Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches create the network foundation for your next-generation Unified Fabric data center and campus core. Modular switches, including the Cisco Nexus 7000 and 7700 Series, deliver a comprehensive Cisco NX-OS feature set and open source programmable tools for software-defined network (SDN) deployments. They offer high-density 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet with application awareness and performance analytics

NEW Juniper QFX5100-48S-DC-AFO QFX5100 40GBE Ethernet Switch

This unit is in perfect condition sealed in original factory box. This unit leaves our facility with a 1 year hardware warranty.
Juniper QFX5100-48S-DC-AFO - QFX5100, 48 SFP+/SFP ports, 6 QSFP ports, redundant fans, redundant DC power supplies, front-to-back airflow.


MSRP: $31,500.00

We have this unit priced at $4,795.00!

qfx5100 1QFX5100 2

The QFX5100 line includes 10GbE (fiber and copper) and 40GbE fixed-configuration options
with rich Layer 2, Layer 3, and MPLS features. The QFX5100 runs the same reliable, high performance Juniper Networks Junos® operating system that is used by Juniper Networks QFabric® family of products, EX Series Ethernet Switches, Juniper Networks routers, and Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways, ensuring a consistent implementation and operation of control plane features across the entire Juniper infrastructure.

RGB Networks (Imagine) SEP48 Simulcast Edge Processor Decoder

These units are in excellent condition and ship to you with 1 year warranty. Each SEP48 has three 4 port RF modules installed. I will ship to you on our Fed Ex Overnight account if you elect to take this unit at our price ($3,695.00)!

SEP48 1

SEP48 2

RGB Networks SEP48. RGB’s Simulcast Edge Processor (SEP) delivers the industry’s most complete solution for digital simulcast edge decoding applications, offering the ability to MPEG decode, NTSC modulate and upconvert multiple video streams in a single rack unit chassis. Based on a highly flexible, scalable, modular platform, the SEP is the ideal solution for simplifying digital simulcast deployments and making a smooth transition to fully digital networks.

SEP48 Features:

*The first digital solution to combine MPEG decoding, NTSC modulation and upconversion in a single rack unit platform
*Greatly simplifies network architecture and lowers both capital costs and total cost of operations
*With support for up to 48 channels per rack unit, saves considerable rack space and power at the edge
*Offers full chassis, network and Gigabit Ethernet port redundancy
*Supports Emergency Alert System (EAS) crawl overlays, as well as override, based on SCTE 18 standard
*Based on RGB’s Video Intelligence Architecture™ (VIA), dramatically lowers the cost of delivering advanced services in digital video environments


Juniper TXPBASE-DC TX Matrix Plus Redundant (SIB-TXP-3D-LCC-S) Router 3yr Warranty

This equipment is in fantastic condition and ships to you with 3 year warranty. This unit arrives crated in its original factory packaging. I have all the AOC cables you will need in order to deploy this unit. I am happy to break out individual components or build configurations using our 12 T4000 Routers. The TX Matrix Plus has a port density of 832 10Gbps, 64, 40Gbps, and 64 100Gbps. This unit is configured as follows:

Juniper TXPBASE-DC – TX Matrix Plus Base Chassis fully redundant


MSRP: $300,000.00

2x Juniper RE-DUO-C2600-16G-S – Routing engine with dual core 2600MHz processor, SSD and 16GB memory.


PN: 740-026942

List price: $35,000.00ea

20x Juniper SIB-TXP-3D-F2S-S – Switch Interface Board for TX Matrix Plus with 3D Technology, fabric stages two.


pn: 750-034978

MSRP: $20,000ea

Each TXP-F2 SIB consists of the following components:

*Switch Fabric ASICs.
*High-speed links through the midplane to the TXP-FI3 SIBs.

10x Juniper SIB-TXP-3D-LCC-S – Switch Interface Board for LCC connection to TX Matrix Plus with 3D Technology, Spare


PN: 750-041657

MSRP: $200,000.00ea

Each line-card chassis contains five SIB slots located at the center rear of the chassis. Each TXP-LCC-3D SIB contains eight ports labeled 0 through 7 that connect it to the TXP-F13-3D SIBs on the TX Matrix Plus router

The TX Matrix Plus is the central switching and routing element that interconnects up to 16 T1600 chassis into a single routing entity with 128 slots and a sustainable throughput rate of up to 25 Tbps (30.7 billion pps). With TX Matrix Plus, operators can build systems containing up to 16 line card chassis for a total of up to 1024 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports, 256 40 Gbps ports or 128 100-Gigabit Ethernet ports. Using the virtualization capabilities of JCS1200, this available resource can be partitioned into aggregation or edge routing, or into the support of virtual service networks for advanced partitioned services such as video, mobile, and all corporate traffic.

Both the TX Matrix and TX Matrix Plus scale gracefully as more ports are added; additional routers and slots are connected to the center-stage fabric over optical interfaces. Thus, TX Matrix and TX Matrix Plus expand with non-blocking bandwidth.

The scalable configurations of both TX Matrix offerings increase equipment lifespan and further reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) costs. Designed with no single point of failure, and utilizing the same system design and robust Juniper Networks JUNOS® Software as Juniper routing platforms, these central switching stage platforms are designed from the ground up to achieve the highest levels of system availability.

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Juniper ERX-1440 BASE-14 Edge Router 40G 12x ERX-HDE-MOD 1 year Warranty

We have several of these loaded ERX1440 tested working with 1 year warranty.  We can ship right away as these edge routers are in stock.  We have contacts in place to help you with leasing if that is of interest.  I can build custom configurations or break out individual components to suit your needs.

Juniper ERX-1440 / BASE-1440 - 14 slot ERX1440 Chassis Dual 40 Gbps fabric, installed DC power
*PN: 458-00017-00

2x Juniper ERX-40G2GEC2-SRP - ERX-1440 SRP-40G Plus 40 GB Switch and Route Processor with 2GB of ECC2 memory. Includes a 1GB flash card. This is generation 2 of the SRP-40G with 1 GB of memory. It is known as the SRP-40G+.

12x Juniper ERX-HDE-MOD - Supports the High Density Ethernet IOA and the 2-port Gigabit Ethernet IOA. Supported on the ERX310 and ERX1440 only.
*PN: 450-10044-03
*List Price $47,950.00
12 x Juniper ERX-2XGE-APS-IOA - 2+2 Port GE IOA: supports up to (4) pluggable SFP adapters (RX-550M-SFP, RX10KM-SFP, RX-70KM-SFP), Works with both the ERX-GE-MOD line module and the ERX_HDE_MOD
*List Price: $2,000.00




The ERX1440 high-performance edge router is optimized for small to medium-sized points of presence (POPs). It has a 40 Gbps switch fabric with optional redundancy, 14 line module slots, and supports up to OC48c/STM16 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

E Series Broadband Services Routers provide the reliable performance needed to meet stringent service-level agreements(SLAs) and elevated customer expectations associated with Internet access, IPTV, video on demand, voice over IP (VoIP), and interactive applications.

All E Series platforms utilize a multiprocessor packet forwarding architecture to provide incremental processing power as subscriber density increases; this ensures service quality for multiplay applications, even at peak traffic loads with multiple services concurrently enabled.

I look forward to working with you:
Kurt Paulus
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