New Nexus Cisco N9K-C93128TX Leaf Switch 96p 1/10G-T 8p 40G

This unit arrives with one year warranty new in original open box. You don’t have to worry about power cords or rack mounts, this unit is ready to install.   At our price of $11,500.00 you save $56% off original list price!

Cisco Nexus N9K-C93128TX – 96 x 1/10GBASE-T and up to 8 x 40-Gbps QSFP+ ports

MSRP: $26,000.00

The Cisco Nexus 93128TX Switch is a 3RU switch that supports up to 2.56 Tbps of bandwidth and over 750 mpps across 96 fixed 1/10GBASE-T ports and an uplink module that can support up to 8 fixed 40-Gbps QSFP+ ports.

All the Cisco Nexus 9300 platform switches use dual- core 2.5-GHz x86 CPUs with 64-GB solid-state disk (SSD) drives and 16 GB of memory for enhanced network performance.

With the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series, organizations can quickly and easily upgrade existing data centers to carry 40 Gigabit Ethernet to the aggregation layer or to the spine (in a leaf-and-spine configuration) through advanced and cost-effective optics that enable the use of existing 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber (a pair of multimode fiber strands).

Cisco provides two modes of operation for the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series. Organizations can use Cisco® NX-OS Software to deploy the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series in standard Cisco Nexus switch environments. Organizations also can use a hardware infrastructure that is ready to support Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) to take full advantage of an automated, policy-based, systems management approach.