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Acturna 3060/36-ANT-10G-20SE-SONET Advanced Network Tester in Stock!

Chance and Louis with Northwest Remarketing Have for Sale:

3060/36-ANT-10G-20SE-SONET Advanced Network Tester used in good, working condition for US $8995.00 with a 90 Day Hardware Warranty!

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Acturna 3060/36-ANT-10G-20SE-SONET Advanced Network Tester 10G OC192

Manufacturer : Acturna
MPN : 3060/36-ANT-10G-20SE-SONET
Description : JDS W&G Acterna 3060/36-ANT-10G-20SE-SONET- Network Tester STM -16/OC-48 MODULE, 0.172 JITTER ANALYZER/GENERATOR 3060/36-ANT-10G-20SE-SONET
This unit is in great shape and ships to you with a 90 day hardware warranty. I had no problem scrolling through the various installed sw packages on this unit. It appears to be ready to deploy. This posting refers to the following:

1 x Acterna WG ANT-20SE Advanced Network Tester

Software Version: 8.36

Intrument Version: ANT-20 3035/36

Edition: 3060/36 ANT-10G SONET

With four free slots, the WWG / Acterna ANT-20se Advanced Network Tester has the most unique feature allowing for the combination and parallel function of all bit rates up to STM-16/OC-48 with jitter and wander up to 2.5 Gbps and ATM in a single unit.

The Acterna / JDSU ANT-20se is suitable for a number of applications including development labs, conformance and functional tests in production, installation and acceptance and can help pinpoint potential problems within in-service networks. The highly flexible measurement capabilities of the Acterna / JDSU ANT-20se make it possible to investigate all major quality parameters on diverse interfaces, ranging from simple bit error rate tests (BERT) to performance and pointer analysis, covering even complex synchronization problems. The Wavetek / Acterna ANT-20se offers a customizable test solution that can be tailored to specific individual needs.

For any questions you may have about this equipment, please call Chance or Louis at 503-391-8191 M-F 9-5 PST, or feel free to email NWRSURPLUS@NWRUSA.COM.

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Acturna 3060/36-ANT-10G-20SE-SONET Advanced Network Tester for sale at Northwest Remarketing.