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Enterasys 7KR4290-02 2 10G PORTS Matrix E7, N7, N5, N3, or N1 in Stock!

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  Enterasys  7KR4290-02 for US $7,990.00, used in good, working condition with a 90 Day Warranty.

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Enterasys  7KR4290-02

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MPN : 7KR4290-02
Description : Enterasys Networks 7KR4290-02, Matrix N-Series Diamond DFE with 2 10-Gigabit Ethernet 10GBase XenPak optics slots.
Product Description:
The 7KR4290-02 provides 2 ports of Gigabit Ethernet connectivity via XenPak transceivers and can be installed in any of the N-Series chassis, Diamond DFEs are designed to provide high-performance, high-density Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet aggregation at the core and distribution layers of enterprise networks.
The Diamond Distributed Forwarding Engines (DFEs) are the latest innovation for the industry-leading Matrix N-Series flow-based switches. The new blades deliver increased security, routing, and policy scalability for backbone roles in the core and distribution layers of your network.
The Diamond DFEs’ flow-based architecture delivers end-to-end visibility and control over users, services, and applications, as well as firewall-like security on every port for downstream devices through multi-user, multi-method authentication, authorization, and audit. Optimized for Secure Networks deployments, Diamond DFEs significantly increase the multi-user policy capacities of the Matrix N-Series. This increased capacity enables the Matrix N-Series to act as a policy gateway for downstream devices such as third-party switches, wireless access points, VPN concentrators, printers, IP phones, and security cameras to ensure only authorized users and devices can access the network.

  • Optimized for network core and data center deployments with enhanced policy capabilities.
  • Industry-leading 24x7x365 business continuity via a fully Distributed Switch Routing architecture.
  • Extends the N-Series industry-leading investment protection.
  • Business Alignment.
  • Flexible, high-performance Gigabit and 10 Gigabit connectivity options for ease of deployment and upgrade.
  • The industry’s most granular multi-layer classification capabilities ensure on-time delivery and prioritization of today’s mission-critical applications.
  • High-availability “always on” networking optimized for VoIP and VoD convergence.

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Enterasys 7KR4290-02 2 10G PORTS Matrix E7, N7, N5, N3, or N1 for Sale at Northwest Remarketing.