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Motorola BSR64000HD CMTS/Edge Router SRM3 TX32 8 DOCSIS 2:8 DOCSIS 3.0 Capable

This unit is in great shape. We generated a good “show tech” output. This equipment ships to you with a 365day hardware warranty. We are work in partnership with a leasing company that specializes in IT equipment. Please contact me for a lease quote.  We have a large quantity in stock.  This bundle is priced at $4,000.00 for the entire lot.  I am happy to quote individual line cards or generate custom configurations to suit your specific needs!

1 x Motorola BSR64000HD Chassis pn 552860-002-000

8x DOCSIS 2.0 BSR 64000 2:8 DOCSIS 2.0 modules pn 506563-034-00

1x DOCSIS 2.0 BSR 64000 2:8 DOCSIS 2.0 Standby module pn: 506563-035-00

2x SRM3 Supervisory Routing Module pn 487921-004-00

2x BSR 64000 TX32 Decoupled Downstream Module pn 555461-001-00

2x BSR 64000 Ether-Flex Network Interface Module pn 535255-001-00

Rear Interfaces:

1x Docsis x:8 Protected I/O pn: 489287-002-00

1x Universal Standby I/O 489288-005-00

2x TX32 I/O Unprotected 536484-002-00

1x SRM4 I/O pn 506990-002-00

2x Etherflex I/O pn 523450-003-00


This high-density, fully redundant Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS)/Edge Router allows broadband operators to rapidly introduce differentiated data, voice and multimedia services for both corporate and residential subscribers.

The BSR 64000 offers the robust routing, flexibility and scalability required to support emerging revenue-generating services, such as VoIP and VPNs. It is a standards-based and DOCSIS® 3.0 Bronze Qualified platform that is deployed worldwide to support the delivery of ultra-broadband services.

I look forward to working with you!

Kurt Paulus
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Arris C4 DOCSIS3.0 Head End CMTS 1 Year Warranty Tested Working!

Greetings,  NW Remarketing has several of the following Arris C4 configurations in stock.  These CMTS are in our warehouse and can ship right way.

1 x Arris C4-CHAS-00210 – C4 Chassis “Shell” pn: 710422

2 x Arris C4-SCM-02440W C4 – System Control Module 2 pn: 710397

4x Arris C4-CAM-40032W – Optimized (XD Label). This unit ships licensed for 32 Downstreams pn: 793927

12x Arris C4-CAM-01122W – 12 U Cable Access Module (CAM) DOCSIS 3.0 pn: 710423

2x Arris C4-RCM-01000W - Router Control Module (RCM) pn: 722013

3x Arris C4-PICC-02004W - 16D CAM Pnysical Interface Card (PIC) for Active-slot Position  pn 722016

1x Arris C4-PICC-62004W – 16D CAM Pnysical Interface Card (PIC) for Spare-slot Position pn 722017

6x Arris C4-PICC-01081W - 2Dx12U or 12 U CAM Physical Interface Card (PIC) for Even-slot Position pn 710424

6x Arris C4-PICC-11081W - 2Dx12U or 12 U CAM Physical Interface Card (PIC) for Odd-slot Position pn 710425

1x Arris PWR-12410N -NP1200 System- Three (3) NP1200 Rectifiers, 52 V One (1) NP Shelf w/dc cables  pn: 108842865

We have this bundle priced at $49,995.00!

Arris c4 for blog
arris c4 for blog 2

This equipment has been tested working and arrives with a 1 year warranty.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Kurt Paulus
NW Remarketing Inc
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Acme Packet 4500 Net Net Session Director CLEAR PROD-ASBC2K /kurt@nwrusa.com

Northwest Remarketing and Kurt Paulus  has For Sale:

Acme Packet 4500 Net Net Session Director CLEAR PROD-ASBC2K for US $17995.00 with Free Shipping and a 90 Day Hardware Warranty.
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If you have any questions about this equipment please feel free to call me @ 877.650.4041. I am available to answer your questions 8-5 PST.

Free Mainland US Fed Ex Overnight Shipping if you elect to buy it now!!

Items ship same day on credit card transactions (contingent upon credit card address).
This unit is in fair overall condition ships to you with a 90 day hardware warranty.  These units are a little scratched up.  These units are missing a front plastic trim bezel on the left side.  When we inspected them we noticed that the sn labels were nearly pealed off.  We suspect this happened in shipping.  The sn from the console output matches the sn on the label.   We had no problem powering this unit up.  It boots directly to a prompt.

This posting refers to the following:

1 x Net-Net Session Director (SD) – integrated SBC with multi-protocol signaling and media control

Total session capacity: 2000

Enabled features: SIP, ACP, Routing, Load Balancing, Accounting,
High Availability, LI, ENUM, IDS

PN: CLEAR PROD-ASBC2K / 800-2000-00 1.15



The Net-Net session router (SR) is a high-performance session routing proxy (SRP) responsible for efficiently routing SIP-based interactive communication sessions—voice, video, instant messaging and multimedia—within and between networks. The Net-Net SR plays a central role in Acme Packet’s Open Session Routing Architecture (OSR).

In Acme Packet’s OSR architecture, the Net-Net SR works in conjunction with best-of breed routing database products and services from Acme Packet partners. These complementary product vendors and service providers offer centralized routing databases and database provisioning tools for dynamic route selection. Acme Packet’s Net-Net SR queries these databases using industry-standard ENUM, SIP, and DNS protocols. The Net-Net SR’s local route tables may also be provisioned by these partners’ products or by the Acme Packet Net-Net EMS using XML.

Using these databases, the Net-Net SR dynamically routes sessions between all types of borders, including access and interconnects, IP and TDM. More specifically, the Net-Net SR routes sessions between stateful service control elements such as Acme Packet SBCs, wireless Mobile Switching Centers (MSC), IMS subscriber call control elements, CLASS 5 softswitches, Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS), and softswitches controlling media gateways. Since the source and destination SIP signaling elements are session-stateful, the Net-Net SR can operate in a stateless or transaction-stateful mode, maximizing its performance.

For more information, please click here.


Kurt Paulus

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Acme Packet 4500 Net-Net Session Director CLEAR PROD-ASBC2K for Sale at Northwest Remarketing.


Arris C3 CMTS for sale at Northwest Remarketing by Kurt. Email Kurt@nwrusa.com for more information

The ARRIS C3 CMTS is a CableLabs® DOCSIS® 2.0 Qualified CMTS delivering superior performance for up to 3000 registered cable modems while occupying only one rack unit (1RU) of space (1.75 in) in a cable operator’s head-end facility. This small size allows operators successful deployments of next generation IP services in both new and existing cable networks in any size market worldwide.

The C3 is a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS). It is qualified as fully compliant with the DOCSIS 1.1 standards, which includes specifications for features such as security enhancements, telephony, QoS, and tiered services.

The C3 has dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interfaces and supports a 64 or 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) cable TV downstream channel, and up to six variable-rate Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) or 8, 16, 32, or 64 QAM upstream channels. Easy-to-use system management tools include an industry-standard command-line interface.

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