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Juniper MX-MPC1-3D-Q 1 Trio PFE Rich Queue Modular Port Concentrator 2Year Warranty

These MPC1 are in excellent condition and arrive at your facility with a 2 year hardware warranty. If you purchase at my price I will overnight this module to you at my expense! I am happy to build configurations for custom auctions in our MX480 or MX960 to suit your needs!

Juniper MX-MPC1-3D-Q – 1xTrio Chipset MPC, per-IFL HQoS, 128K queues (max 64K egress); price includes full scale L2/L2.5 and reduced scale L3 features.


PN: 750-031092

MSRP: $95,000.00


MX-MPC1-3D-Q 2

MX-MPC1-3D-Q 3