Juniper ERX-1440 BASE-14 Edge Router 40G 12x ERX-HDE-MOD 1 year Warranty

We have several of these loaded ERX1440 tested working with 1 year warranty.  We can ship right away as these edge routers are in stock.  We have contacts in place to help you with leasing if that is of interest.  I can build custom configurations or break out individual components to suit your needs.

Juniper ERX-1440 / BASE-1440 - 14 slot ERX1440 Chassis Dual 40 Gbps fabric, installed DC power
*PN: 458-00017-00

2x Juniper ERX-40G2GEC2-SRP - ERX-1440 SRP-40G Plus 40 GB Switch and Route Processor with 2GB of ECC2 memory. Includes a 1GB flash card. This is generation 2 of the SRP-40G with 1 GB of memory. It is known as the SRP-40G+.

12x Juniper ERX-HDE-MOD - Supports the High Density Ethernet IOA and the 2-port Gigabit Ethernet IOA. Supported on the ERX310 and ERX1440 only.
*PN: 450-10044-03
*List Price $47,950.00
12 x Juniper ERX-2XGE-APS-IOA - 2+2 Port GE IOA: supports up to (4) pluggable SFP adapters (RX-550M-SFP, RX10KM-SFP, RX-70KM-SFP), Works with both the ERX-GE-MOD line module and the ERX_HDE_MOD
*List Price: $2,000.00




The ERX1440 high-performance edge router is optimized for small to medium-sized points of presence (POPs). It has a 40 Gbps switch fabric with optional redundancy, 14 line module slots, and supports up to OC48c/STM16 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

E Series Broadband Services Routers provide the reliable performance needed to meet stringent service-level agreements(SLAs) and elevated customer expectations associated with Internet access, IPTV, video on demand, voice over IP (VoIP), and interactive applications.

All E Series platforms utilize a multiprocessor packet forwarding architecture to provide incremental processing power as subscriber density increases; this ensures service quality for multiplay applications, even at peak traffic loads with multiple services concurrently enabled.

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